Marking lasers

Using marking lasers is economic, when it comes to precisely and durably mark smallest components up to larger parts.

The benefits of laser marking

  • Focusing in smallest spaces, as laser beams allow enormous energies to be bundled.
  • Flexibility, as both metal and plastic parts can be marked with lasers. Even in places that are difficult to access.
  • High marking speed, as strongly focused light does not have to overcome mechanical resistance.
  • No mechanical force on components, as heat energy is used without direct contact.
  • High durability, as laser marking is insensitive to acids or alkalis, UV radiation, heat and abrasion.

cab marking lasers are designed for a wide range of applications. Laser marking allows stationary marking on metal or plastic parts in various industries:

  • Medtech: For example machine-readable codes on medical or surgical instruments. According to the guidelines for "Unique Device Identification".
  • Aerospace: Datamatrix codes on all strategic component parts, such as turbine components.
  • Electronics: For quality assurance with permanent codes and alpha-numeric characters on PCBs, terminals, switches and others.
  • Automotive: Laser marked codes for traceability of automotive components and assemblies. Allows marking contents including production data, date as well as serial, part and lot numbers, and others.