Cablabel® S3 is a label software that has three functions:

  • Creating labels
  • Printing of labels
  • Systems monitoring

Cablabel S3 allows you to fully exploit, like no other software available, the potential of Cab devices: the software makes the entire set of JScript commands available. The "pro" version loads the existing JScript files, transferring them to the new software without wasting time. Thanks to the new layer technology, the user can now create a label with data for all available devices and resolutions. The intelligent print control system processes on which device and with which resolution to print and sends appropriately adapted data. This procedure allows you to considerably reduce possible sources of error.

At the same time, with Cablabel S3 there is maximum integration of database connections through the Database Connector. After creation, the software makes available all the files that must be deposited on the printer for connection to the database. In case a marking system has to print independently from a host in stand alone mode, Cablabel S3 is able to support this function as well. In addition, the software generates easily configurable interfaces for connecting SAP or other devices such as PLC devices, scales or barcode scanners.

Cablabel S3 products

Each company organizes label printing differently. For example, it often happens that the creation and production are entrusted to different collaborators. To calibrate the software package in an optimized way for different needs, cab offers several features:


Cablabel S3 Lite is supplied free with each printer, allowing you to create and print labels.


With the very affordable Cablabel S3 Pro version, it is possible to develop label design for professional technical solutions.


The Cablabel S3 Print product intended for users in the production and warehouse sectors. The operational area is simplified and has only the functions necessary for printing labels.


Cablabel S3 Demo can be installed and tested for free. All functions of the Pro product are also usable with the exception of the Jscript viewer and the support of the stand alone mode. The impression is equally possible however it is restricted to testing. Use is limited to 30 days and usually one activation.

Download the free version of CABLABELS3 for FREE

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