New Protech is a small but solid reality

Since 2007 we have been a point of reference for offering useful solutions to the world of textiles/industry and we support companies in the creation of labels and prints; our solutions allow customization that highlights your product, giving it uniqueness. If you are looking for an effective way to give your products an original look, labels are for you. Small in size, they are ideal for making packaging exclusive or for branding packs or items, for internal or external use.

Composition labels in adhesive paper, PVC, polyamide, polyester and satin.

New Protech: "Our Mission is to help companies that produce clothing to customize and label all their garments, giving them value and uniqueness, with the difference, to do it in an innovative and above all simple and economical way"

In particular

Polyamide tape for fabric composition labels

Strong garment dyed tape

Satin ribbons of various characteristics

Neutral adhesive labels of all formats in rolls or in continuous form

Thermal transfer film for all printer models on the market

Thermal transfer printing systems for tags, paper and fabric labels.

Our experience in the textile sector has led us to create software that today responds to sophisticated labeling needs with simple, effective and versatile systems:

LABEL COMPOSITION: automatic optimization of both the arrangement and size of the data to be printed.

ADHESIVE LABEL: completion of all the many themes that make up labels of this kind.

Furthermore, they are also open software because they are able to interact with any external management application, in order to import data that is always accurate and up-to-date. Both of these software direct label printing to any printer, located at any of your packaging companies, both in Italy and abroad.

"Composition Label" and "Adhesive Label" do not require particularly sophisticated computers to work, with the possibility of using all Western languages and the main Eastern and Middle Eastern languages: ARABIC, CHINESE, CYRILLIC, KOREAN, HEBREW, JAPANESE.

Here are the main sectors:







The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification ensures compliance with the legal requirements of the tested textile products. It also certifies that a product bearing the STANDARD 100 label is reliably certified against the presence of harmful substances.