Printers and spare parts

New Protech offers a wide range of reliable and compact TTR printers for any type of need and industry.

Structured warehouse, with a wide availability of spare parts and various accessories.


If you are looking for an effective way to offer an original look to your products, labels are for you. Small in size, they are ideal for making packaging exclusive or for branding packages and items.

Materials for printing

New Protech produces and supplies composition labels on different materials, such as: Polyamide ribbon, Satin tape, Garment dyed resistant ribbon, Thermal transfer foil, adhesive labels of various kinds.

Technical assistance

The company is structured to provide adequate technical and training support as well as to give immediate technical assistance for all models of CAB, Avery and Novexx printers

Why to choose New Protech

Professionalism, Competence and Reliability is what distinguishes us, customer satisfaction as the main goal!

New Protech is a company that puts its experience, gained in the field in over 10 years of activity, at the disposal of public and private companies, maintaining a constant orientation aimed at understanding and satisfying customer needs.

Our company is oriented towards continuous innovation both of material resources (composition of labels in RECYCLED fabrics, INTEGRATION SYSTEMS and TTR printers of different calibers to be able to operate effectively in the most varied areas of use) and of intangible resources (staff skills), all to achieve a single goal: customer satisfaction.

Why choose our company?

Choosing our company means relying on a company professionally prepared for any problem and able to carry out any work from start to commissioning.

What does it mean?

Let's take an example, in the Textile / Clothing sector the customer is followed by our company:

  • In the purchase, whether it is a printer or supplies, understanding the quantity and type of washing to which the garment must undergo, we are able to recommend the best product that meets your need.
  • In the installation, because this is performed by us, both the software and the technical part with a complete briefing by one of our specialized technicians, explaining to the operator who will use it the small maintenance that he can do.
  • In commissioning / testing, always performed by our company.
  • During the warranty period and subsequently, being official partners of the printers we install, we carry out repairs under warranty and even out of warranty.

All this for us is a great advantage for the customer, because he relies on a single company and this leads to cost savings and above all to having a single point of reference.

This is just an example of what our company can offer in the clothing sector but also in industry, from the chemical to the food sector we are able to provide the same high quality of services.

This is how our company is able to follow the customer at 360 ° by exploiting all the experience acquired over the years, because we think that a satisfied customer is the best advertising a company can have.

Our strength, recognized by customers, is the after-sales service that allows us to create lasting relationships over time.

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